Carrying on from where he left during his previous seminar (project: Seminar 1-”Physiology: Functioning of Life” ), Rtr. Owais Khan held his 2nd interactive seminar on the subject of “Neurophysiology: What you Feel and Why you Feel it?”.

Student-professor Rtr. Owais Khan picked up on the Sensory and Motor systems of the Brain. Complementing him was the special faculty invited for this very occasion, a certified physiotherapist now majoring in Neurological Physical Therapy, Dr. Swati (BPT). A professional with a good amount of experience in clinical setting, she gave the attendees a simple but comprehensive run-through of a large number of clinically relevant practical procedures, which the members then practised while she overlooked their progress.

The Topics covered were:
1) Spinal Cord: Anatomy and Functions
2) The Human Brain: Overview of Functions
3) The Heart: Quick Run-through

The Practicals covered were:
1) Sensory Examination
2) Motor Examination
3) Reflex testing
4) Cranial Nerve testing

Thus, both theoretical and practical aspects of the topics were covered in depth, allowing the attending members to leave the seminar room with a sense of renewed self-confidence, which will hold them in good stead in the future.