In accordance with our theme for 2011 i.e. mother and child health care, Rotaract Club of The Caduceus in association with Rotary Club of Bombay Central and Mumbai Police present Suraksha II : continuing efforts to improve healthcare outreach. This event would include screening of lady constables and wives of the policemen for commonly prevalent cancers as well as infections. It would also involve a thorough medical check for their kids.
Community service is our strength. Let’s not forget that these valiant policemen who protect our daily way of life also need healthcare!

Cervical cancer is one of major cancers prevalent in India today because of lack of awareness regarding risk factors, unsafe sexual practices, lack of periodic examination etc. It is also a highly preventable disease due to the long time span between mild disease(Dysplasia and CIS) to full blown cancer. It is essential to counsel women to undergo periodic examination as they cross 40 . The Mumbai Police wanted these services to be covered for their dept at Naigaon and we were happy to oblige.