Maintaining hygiene is extremely essential to prevent outbreaks of communicable disease in a closed environment like an orphanage where sanitation is not practiced. The main aim was to create awareness about water borne diseases and how to maintain basic hygiene. Adolscent girls were also taught about the importance of maintaining hygiene during their menstrual cycles.

The Rotaract Club Of The Caduceus celebrated Friendship Day at Little Angels Ashram which is run by Joanna Buthello. The event started at 10 am. Since the kids were innocent and not really exposed to the real world, they weren’t aware of what the friendship day means! We celebrate this day with so much enthusiasm and hype and here are these kids who aren’t even aware of it! Rotaractors tried explaining the real reason behind celebrating the day – forgetting all the sad and bitter experiences, making new friends , making our friends feel special etc. This was followed by tying ribbons, distributing sweets. The kids at the ashram were extremely talented, a fact proved by their dancing, story telling and magic skills.

As the Rotaract Club of the Caduceus’ main motto is To Take Health Care Where It’s Most Needed, Rotaractors gave them a basic idea about how to maintain hygiene and discipline. Kids where taught the ideal steps to be followed while washing hands (as per the WHO). To see to it that the kids follow all the steps, they were made to wash their hands before lunch. Elder girls where given information regarding menstruation and the need of maintaining hygiene while they are menstruating. This was followed by a briefing about malaria and the signs and symptoms of malaria.

It was a good, interactive, fun-filled experience for the kids and the rotaractors.